Is God or Government in Charge of Easter?

Apr 8, 2020

As Florida goes, so goes the nation.

There's an old saying in politics and marketing – as Florida goes, so goes the nation. Florida is often the bellwether state that will predict and determine the course for the rest of America. Whether choosing a president or taste testing a new soda, Floridians have a knack for setting the standard the rest of the country often follows.

Is God or Government in charge of Easter? - Make your voice heard! Select here

Local governments and the media are putting intense pressure on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to revoke his April 1 order that recognizes attending churches, synagogues and houses of worship as "essential activity."

Encourage Florida Gov. DeSantis to stand strong and resist the pressure to close every church ministry. Click on the graphic below!

Following the wrongful arrest of the Florida pastor that we represent, Gov. DeSantis issued an order two days later stating that churches, synagogues, and houses of worship are essential. His order superseded all local government orders on what is essential in Florida.

This case and YOUR FAXES changed Governor DeSantis' mind, and he then led the nation to recognize churches as "essential." Texas and Indiana did likewise.

Sadly, during this national emergency many officials are using fear to justify illegal and unconstitutional actions. And unfortunately, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish forces are pushing back hard on Governor Ron DeSantis, pressuring him to close every single Florida church and house of worship before Easter Day.

Don't let Florida ban churches on Easter! - Select here

Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis has found himself in the uncomfortable position of seeming to change his policies based on the number of people who complain to his office. And lately, the buzz in DeSantis' ears has come from a host of people who want every church closed. These people do not care if churches protect the health of everyone. They just want every church ministry closed. Period!

Now it's time for you to be heard. If Gov. DeSantis caves to the pressure, this change will have ripple effects across the country. Take a moment to thank Governor DeSantis for ending his church ban and urge him to keep Florida FREE by allowing our churches to decide what ministries are essential and how they can follow health guidelines like other secular businesses.

As I said earlier, YOUR faxes made the difference with Governor DeSantis last time, and we need you to do it again!

As Florida goes at this critical juncture, the rest of the states could go. That is why Gov. DeSantis is receiving so much pressure. It is critical that we encourage Governor DeSantis' resolve to keep our churches open.

It will be a sad moment if, for the first time in American history, every American church will be closed on Easter by the decrees of mere men.

It would be sadder still if this were to happen in Florida, home of the first Christian worship service held in what is now the United States of America. On August 15, 1559, Spanish explorer Tristan DeLuna discovered what is now known as Pensacola, FL, and sent a priest ashore to pray over this new land, dedicating it to the great God Almighty.  A cross stands on Pensacola's windswept beach to this day, commemorating the area's 461-year commitment and dedication to the Lord our God.

What would it say to the world and to God Himself, if the first state in America to glorify His Holy name also decided to shutter all His churches on His day, Easter Sunday?

Don't let Florida ban churches on Easter! - Select here

In Matthew 22:21, Jesus tells us to "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's." Our churches belong to God, not man or government. Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate our Risen Savior and the fulfillment of God's promise to His people, belongs to God.

Certainly, every church must make its own decision, based on its abilities and its parishioners' needs, as to whether to open for Easter. However, we must not allow poor governance and misled leaders to make that decision for every church. If we do, we will have given what belongs to God to Caesar.

Please, take a moment to fax Governor DeSantis NOW.  Tell him we appreciate his decision to label churches as "essential services," and that we expect him to keep it that way. – Select Here

In Christ,

Mat Staver,

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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